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Welcome to Death BeComes Us <Ravencrest US>

Death BeComes Us is happily located on the United States Ravencrest server! We are an almost exclusively adult only guild, and we believe in having fun over making a huge fuss over everything. Our members are all considered part of a "family" of sorts, and we make every effort to include everyone that we can in our raids, contests, instances, etc.

We're a level 25 guild that has 7 bank tabs, vent and a very generous, friendly playerbase.

If you wish to join us, simply go through our application process and your ap will be reviewed in the next couple days! We're rather easy-going people, but keep wary, there are some serious questions that need serious answers too :]

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact an officer :)
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Level 11
By Briarhorn-Ravencrest, Jan 26, 11 1:29 AM

Congratulations to all members and a thank you for all those who participated and assisted in gaining guild experience!

At level 11 we have unlocked the ... Read More

New Links and New Features!
By Briarhorn-Ravencrest, Jan 21, 11 2:41 AM

Links to reliable strategy videos for all of the boss fights of the main Heroic dungeons can be found in the Library, right next to the Warcraft Machinima section! For anyone who needs a refresher, or just needs to know how the fight is supposed to go from start to finish. These videos have been wat... Read More

Critter Getter
By Briarhorn-Ravencrest, Jan 20, 11 11:21 PM

Congrats to the whole guild for getting the guild achievement "Critter Kill Squad"

We are now well on our way to getting "Crittergeddon" (kill 100,000 critters), so let's kill and get it done!!!

Unfortunately, "Crittergeddon" does not award anything beyond the ... Read More

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Homogenized? No, I like the ladies.

- Male Tauren Joke
We are always looking for new members! We are currently trying to get members geared for raids. If you like to have a good time while getting things accomplished, then this could be the place for you!
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